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    The Role of Each Participant in the Program
    Certificated Staff Responsibilities:
    1.  Identify appropriate essential learning goals for the student.
    2.  Develop the SLP together with parent and student.
    3.  Identify and help to provide appropriate instructional materials.
    4.  Provide guidance in regard to graduation requirements where high school graduation is a goal.
    5.  Ensure that work reflected in the SLP and completed for High School credit is of sufficient scope and depth and represents District and Washington State curriculum goals.
    6.  Assess the success of the SLP and student achievement in accordance with state rules as adopted by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.
    7.  Refer students not substantially successful to other courses of study.
    8.  Document contact as required by state rules.
    Parent Responsibilities:
    1.  Supervise and assess daily progress.
    2.  Document time spent on SLP activities (certify hours) and complete monthly progress reports.
    3.  Keep records and samples of work completed.Monthly Progress
    Student Responsibilities:
    1.  Ask questions so the Homelink staff/consultant can assist you.
    2.  Keep school materials in good condition.
    3.  Master the essential learning goals associated with the Student Learning Plan in a timely manner.
    4.  Complete and document sufficient hours of schoolwork each week to maintain adequate progress toward the fulfillment of SLP.
    5.  Complete scheduled contacts with consultants on time.
    6.  Demonstrate appropriate behavior during contacts and school related activities.
Last Modified on February 6, 2013