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    Welcome to Northport Elementary/Middle/High School!  The faculty, staff and administration hope that the time you spend here will be educational and rewarding.  This handbook is for you.  K-8 Handbook  HS Handbook  It will help you understand the operations of the school as well as your rights and responsibilities as an employee, student and/or as families.

    About Us… Northport staff and students have a unique and stimulating approach to education.  We are proud of our schools and wish to share with you our special qualities, programs and attractions!

    With a population of around 350, Northport is a friendly, culturally diverse town with a rich history of people who work hard, support their schools, and take a keen interest in their children.  With its affordable cost of living and low crime rate, Northport offers a delightful place to live, work, and raise a family.

    Northport is a rural district, of an average of 240 students.  Although we are remote from population centers, our public schools are innovative.  Our single P-12 campus offers smaller than average class sizes, opportunities for cross-age tutoring, integrated P-12 curricula and collegial sharing among staff.

    The district campus includes two schools (P-8 and 9-12) as well as a shop complex, elementary library, special education annex, and a gymnasium.  The district employs 48 full and part-time people including 14 teachers, 1 superintendent, 1 pre K-12 principal, and 23 support staff as well as a psychologist, nurse, physical therapist, and speech and language pathologist. 

    Our students are unique; non-generic!  They are small town kids who are accepting of individual differences, non-cliquish and enthusiastic. 

    Members of our community, board of directors, administrators and faculty have been working collaboratively to institute changes that have led to a progressive school system that enjoys higher academic success and strives to maximize individual potential.   Much of the success is attributed to the establishment of a clear and shared focus, adoption and implementation of research-based curriculum and professional training.

    Our teachers have received training in some of the most promising and exemplary curriculum materials and effective practices available.  Our support staff has also been an integral part of our improvement efforts, participating in in-services that strengthen their skills, as well.  Together our teachers and support staff operate much like a family would. 

    Northport School District has received several academic awards:

    2018-19 Washington State Best High School Rankings

    2017-18 Washington State recongnized Outstanding School

    2015 U.S. News & World Report Silver Award. Ranked 39th in the state and 1345th in the nation.

    2014 Newsweek “America’s Top High Schools” List

    2014 School of Distinction--Northport Elementary--One of the 5% highest improving schools in the State of Washington for increased Math and Reading achievement over the past 5 years.

    2013 Washington Achievement Award—Northport Elementary
    2013 Title I Part A Reward School

    2013 U.S. News & World Report Silver Award

    2013 School of Distinction Award 

    2012 Washington Achievement Index highest-rated traditional high school in the State of Washington
    2012 Washington Achievement Index "A" for Northport Elementary and High School
    2012 OSPI Reward (Highest-performing) School
    2011 Washington Achievement Award School
    2010 School of Distinction Award
    2009 Johns Hopkins University Award
    2009 Great Schools Award

    2008 Blue Ribbon Award

    2007 School of Distinction Award

    As one can see, our Board of Directors, administration, staff and students believe in themselves and one another and demonstrate exemplary qualities by setting and achieving high goals.

    Our facilities have improved along with our curriculum and achievement.  We have been fortunate to pass tax levies over the past few years as well as a bond to remodel the high school. We were so proud to unveil our newly remodeled high school fall of 2005, which has proven to enhance students’ education.  In addition, through an E-Rate grant, we upgraded our district’s computer system to a state-of-the-art Internet Protocol telephony network that runs over fiber optic lines and is wireless.  Strategically, we have given our other buildings and grounds a facelift as we replaced lighting, flooring, lockers, bleachers and other worn essentials as well as repainted the interior and exteriors.  Moreover, we have improved ball fields and landscaping with the help of our community.


    At Northport School District, our mission statement…..


    “We inspire lifelong success by empowering students with knowledge, skills, and opportunities.”



    Belief Statement…

    In order for students to be successful, parents, school and community must support by word and action shared belief’s that is the framework for the education of our children.


    We believe:

    • Parents are their children’s primary educators.
    • Education is essential to a democratic society.
    • The development of a student’s character is essential to educational excellence.
    • Schools are an integral part of the community.
    • In a safe and nurturing learning environment that maximizes individual potential.
    • In fostering creative thinking and problem solving.
    • Working together is beneficial to all.
    • Open communication is essential.
    • Learning is life-long.
    • Student engagement in the learning process can be fun as well as educational.
    • In providing educational opportunities that enable all students to reach their potential.
    • Respect and responsibility is the cornerstone to a strong education.
    • The contribution of diverse groups in the community builds a life-long foundation for education.
    • The engagement of all stakeholders in the community is important to the success of the Northport School District.
    • The entire community plays a role in student learning. 



    We will all recognize and cultivate the best in every student.  Every moment of the school day and beyond will have a focus on the student, their academic, social, personal needs, growth and success.  We will form relationships with all students, provide relevance for our expectations and infuse rigor in everything we do.  We will always act in a caring, thoughtful and empathetic manner and treat each student as if they were our own child.



    Student Learning

    Students will meet or exceed local, state and national academic standards. Student achievement is the highest priority.

    After-school programs and extracurricular opportunities for children will be continued and developed.

    A process that will seek and sustain grant monies for core and extracurricular programs will be continued and developed.

    Continuous school improvement plans that include curriculum, staff development and school policy will be developed.

    Students and staff will show responsible, respectful, and safe behavior.

    The diversity of all groups will be valued.

    Communication – School/Community

    A community-wide communication process will be developed to broaden understanding and community support.


    Students’ learning will be enhanced through the use and support of technology.  We curently have a 1 to 1 laptop to student ratio in grades 6-12.  We are also a Summit Basecamp middle school.  


    Facilities - Parents, Community, Business

    The community will provide financial support of schools to ensure a safe, high-quality learning environment.



    District Office                                               732-4251 ext. 116

    District Secretary                                         732-4430 ext. 162                                                            

    District Office/Fax                                        732-6606

    Homelink Office                                           732-4441 ext. 176

    Homelink/Fax                                              732-6606

    Bus Shop                                                    

    Web Site                            www.northportschools.org




    Gym and Kitchen…..                                            402 10th Street

    Elementary School (Kindergarten – grade 8)…..      404 10th Street

    Homelink Office                                                    406 10th Street

    Annex (Special Education)                                     406 10th Street

    High School                                                         408 10th Street



    Fire, Ambulance or Police -911

    Stevens County Sheriff – 684-2555

    Mount Carmel Hospital – 684-2561

    Northport Community Clinic – 732-4252

    Poison Control Center – 1-800-732-6985 or 1-800-222-1222

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