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    Northport Homelink is proud to offer High School credit for courses through the following process.  Each course must be reviewed and approved before the student begins course work.  The second page of the Recommended High School Plan and Courses includes a list of courses/publishers/titles that have been successfully approved for credit.  Upon completion of the course, the parents issue a grade summary (see examples below) and submit for review the course work that supports the issued grade.  The exception to this is when the course has been a 'paid-for' and graded online course by an accredited vendor, in which case the final grade documentation should be submitted with a score summary.  Then our SLP consultants affirm that the work substantiates the grade and we issue credit on a traditional Northport School District transcript. 
    Of course, parents are welcome to homeschool their high school age children without seeking high school credit.  However, it is highly recommended that any student who is interested in participating in Running Start, joining the military, or continuing his/her education in college, obtain High School credit as a means of documenting his/her education.  It is much easier to apply for course credit and then choose not to submit course work than to submit work after the fact and hope it qualifies for credit.
    The following forms are helpful (and in some cases required) for receiving High School credit.  Please review them and save them to your computer or print them for your records.
    (with pre-approved courses)
    (Washington State History)
    (any elective credit or privately hired course)
    Excel Spreadsheet 97-2003 with formulas, so simply enter number correct and number possible, and your percentage will be computed.
Last Modified on March 6, 2009