• Welcome to the Northport Homelink Department


    Northport Homelink Enrollment for the 2019-2020 School year

    If you are a new family who has been making inquiries and requesting more information--WELCOME!

    Please feel free to call the Northport Homelink office (509-732-4441 ext 176) for any further information you may desire.

    Documents to be submitted for enrollment are:

    • Signed Acknowledgement of Receipt and Understanding of Handbook (form available on this site)
    • Registration form (available on this site)
    • Immunization records or Immunization Exception form (either form is available on this site)
    • Copy of Birth Certificate (a one-time requirement to send in a copy of your child's birth certifiicate)
    • Internet Usage Agreement form (print from Handbook, Appendix I, pages 41 & 43 - or print attached forms titled: Internet Kids pledge (under 10), Internet teen pledge, and Internet Parents' pledge) - Since email is one of the ways that our students communicate with their teachers, we are asking that each student have an internet usage agreement form on file.  (forms are adapted from information available on the SafeKids.com site.)  We hope that some of the information covered in these internet agreements will be helpful as talking points for you and your children.  There is also a parent's pledge available if you would like to use it (optional - available in Handbook, Appendix I, page 45).
    • 2019-20 Family Income Survey (available on this site) - This survey is used by the Northport School District to help maximize available funding from state and federal sources, as well as to provide certain other benefits that may be available for your children.
    • The transfer of enrollment from another school district to the Northport School District is not complete until the local district has fully released the student and the Northport District has accepted the student.  This will require that you go to your local school district office to also fill out their paperwork.

    Since Northport Homelink offers remote courses to distance-based students, this option is the most appropriate "Reason for Transfer" when filling out the Choice Transfer or Inter-district Agreement paperwork with your local school district:

    1. The student's financial, educational, safety, or health conditions would likely be improved.

    Thank you for your commitment to your children's education and please contact our office [(509) 732-4441 ext 176] if you have any questions about the enrollment paperwork.  We would welcome working with you and your family in the upcoming school year.


    Lynn Higgins

    Northport Homelink Office


    (509) 732-4441 ext 176

    fax: (509) 732-6606


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