Welcome! The Northport High School is governed by the ASB, made up of elected officers, class presidents, and class representatives. Elections are held in the spring of each year.  ASB meetings are held during lunch time: 12:24-12:54pm on Wednesdays.

    ASB Officers

    President: Eliza Stark

    Vice President:  Kylie Corcoran

    Secretary:  Isabelle Bair

    Treasurer:  Blair Jensen

    Asst. Treasurer:  Isabelle Stark & Renee Birely

    Sergeant at Arms:  Jillian Carson

    Public Relations: Jillian Carson

    American flag

    ASB Cards and Insurance:  ASB cards must be purchased by each student participating in extracurricular activities for $40.  Some form of medical insurance is needed to participate as well.